Simplified parking for events and cities

Parkplots, LLC

Statesboro, Georgia


Parkplots aims to create new parking spaces with underutilized land near congested areas and venues. Spots such as empty driveways, dirt lots, and more can be listed on our app for nearby travelers to rent out on an hourly or per-day basis. By providing a simple way to register spots, property owners can get easy money from simply allowing somebody to park their car on their property.

With Parkplots, a person going to a football game can simply open the app, choose an available parking spot near their desired location, and reserve their spot. Parkplots guides the user directly to their specific spot- complete with turn-by-turn navigation.

Project Info

  • Client: Parkplots, LLC
  • Skills: Ionic, AngularJS, iOS, Android
  • Website:

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