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We're always looking for self-starters who enjoy delivering great client experiences and have great creative thinking and craftmanship. We're currently looking for fill the positions listed below- if one of them sounds like something you're interested in, send us your resume and anything that you think will help you stand out from other applicants.

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What We Do

Omicron Interactive specializes in web/app design & development, and we also do search engine optimization, graphic design, and provide on-premise IT services for clients in the north Georgia area. Our team is fully remote and spread out across the country, but we stay in constant contact through Slack and Hangouts.


We're a remote team, but that doesn't stop us from working together. Thanks to technologies like Slack and Hangouts, it's as if we're all in the same place. Aside from scheduled meetings, we don't have any set hours for our team. As long as you can get your tasks done, we don't care if you work in the morning, afternoon, late nights, or weekends. If you enjoy remote work and learning new skills, you'll fit right in here at Omicron Interactive.

Hiring Process

We generally try to review applications fairly quickly, however, sometimes we get busy with lots of projects or just have a lot of applications come in at once. Unless you receive an automated email back from our hiring address, you can expect us to review your application within one month of receiveing it.

If you're qualified and your application stands out to us, we will be in touch to schedule a video interview with you. During this initial interview, we will discuss your experience and qualifications, and have you take a basic skills test for technical positions. If all goes well, we will be back in touch within a week to schedule a follow-up interview with a few members of our team to make sure you'll be a good fit.

Once you make it through the first two interviews, we generally try to make a final decision quickly, and either extend an offer or inform you of rejection within a week. For project-based roles, we will want to schedule you on a trial project at the offered rate. Depending on your availability and our current workload, this project could range anywhere from two weeks to over a month. After the trial project, we'll have a followup interview to talk about how it went, and get feedback from both you and your project manager. This is mostly just to help us determine your top skills so we can make sure to place you in other projects that you'll both excel at and enjoy.